You can make trades via the TRADES section and trade up to 9 cards in a single transaction. Trades are the life’s blood of HUDDLE. Offering trades for your favorite players to other fans is the fun and free way to build up your card collection. All trades in HUDDLE are with REAL people inside HUDDLE.

Robots don’t play football, and they don’t trade cards either! Engage, chat, and trade with your friends or football foes, not with bots or simulators, using Trade Talk and Trades. Trades are where a fan makes their reputation. Make fair, good and helpful trades to other fans and you’ll have no trouble managing your team. HUDDLE fans should come into HUDDLE every day to find out if they have new trade offers or to make new trades.

For every trade either accepted or declined, you’ll be able to rate your fellow fan. These ratings will accumulate into your TRADER RATING, which will be displayed on your homepage, in any future trades and whenever you comment on an article.

You must be signed in and have a verified account to engage in trading in HUDDLE.

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