The player profile tells fans everything they need to know about that player in HUDDLE. You’ll notice some cards score differently than others. Each player has five base cards, each with a different color frame. The five levels represent a different multiplier. Base cards with a white frame do not have any added scoring to them.

Green = 1.2x scoring
Red = 1.5x scoring
Silver = 1.7x scoring
Gold = 2.0x scoring

Listed on a player profile is:
Current Team
Uniform number
Rarity - Rarity lets a fan know how rare or special a player card is in HUDDLE. The more rare a card is the more valuable it is for a trade.

There are five rarity levels in HUDDLE:
Super Rare - most difficult to pull in card packets.
Scarce - second most difficult to pull in cards packs but easier than Super Rare.
Rare – third most difficult to pull in card parks but easier than Super Rare or Scarce
Uncommon - second easiest to pull in card packs but harder than common.
Common - easiest and most common cards to pull in card packs.

Card number – each card in HUDDLE will have unique card number.

Player performance and games chart - Players recent form and team games will be displayed via the player form chart. Fans can scroll their finger across the chart to view a player’s recent performances and PTS scored.

Avg match PTS - How many PTS a player scores per game this season, and how that ranks amongst all other players.

Season PTS - How many PTS a player has accumulated this season, and how that ranks amongst all other players.

Heat Index - Heat index is a performance-based player rating system based on a players in-app scoring.

How it works: A heat index algorithm is run on each player. It is based on the last 3 games that their team played. The points that the player earned in the most recent game is weighted 50%, the middle game, 30%, and the oldest game, 20%. This weighted average of daily points earned is their heat index number.

The heat index number is then translated into one of the four heat index categories:
HOT - players who are in recent great form and earning lots of points.
WARM - players who are in recent good form and earning a steady amount of points
COOL - players who are in recent decent form and earning some points
COLD - players who are in recent poor form and earning little to no points.

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