Prior to the successful creation of any fan account, fans must agree to our mobile terms of service in full. To review the service terms again, click here: THE TOPPS COMPANY, INC. MOBILE TERMS OF SERVICE.

By playing Topps HUDDLE a fan agrees to create one account on a device. If multiple accounts are created on a device, all accounts attributed to that FAN are subject to a permanent suspension.

Fans who are caught performing activities such as manipulating their phone clock to avoid gameplay contraints such as warm up time and play regeneration will be subject to a penalty of -1,000,000 PTS and may be banned from commenting and trading.

Jailbroken phones are not supported by HUDDLE. If there is evidence of a jailbroken phone using the app, all accounts associated with that FAN are subject to be permanently banned.

Direct communications with Topps are confidential and the desemination of those communications in content or summary can result in a permanent ban of any accounts known to be owned by that fan.

Fans will be subject to Topps community policies regarding behavior whether performed in our out of the app.

Fans who are refunded for in app purchases are expected to contact Topps so their accounts will properly reflect the refund given- to be determined on a case by case basis. Failure to contact Topps within 7 days can result in a permanent ban.

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